Sexual Assault Awareness Month

One of the goals of Breaking Silence is to use Sexual Assault Awareness Month as an opportunity to help bring a voice to the 1 in 6 male sexual assault survivors who are often silenced more than female survivors. During a time like Sexual Assault Awareness Month, where the true realities of these crimes are discussed on college campuses around the country, the theme is usually for women to come into a safe space and share their stories. It has taken a long time for our communities to create this space for women and the power of that should not be under-minded. However, it is time for us to shift our thinking once again and start asking men to participate in this space as people who may also be on the journey of healing.  Sexual assault is truly a person problem, which means that we have to open doors for all survivors to be able to share their stories regardless of their identity.

The article below does an amazing job of describing some of the ways that men can safely share their story. It also brings to light a message that all survivors need to hear: You are not alone.