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Consequences of Victim Blaming

The stories of survivors of sexual assault have been hitting the media with a force that has never been seen before. It is empowering to see the amount of attention this issue is receiving. More than ever, women and men have a platform to step onto and share their experience. Their strength is teaching our more »

Triggers, Flashbacks, and Healing: Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

        The link below will  lead you to a compilation of photos of childhood sexual assault survivors who were willing to be photographed with their ‘trigger’ and healing objects. While many triggers can’t be photographed, these pieces provide a way of understanding what it means to be triggered (the first photo) and more »

Domestic Violence Survivor Josie Harris Speaks Out Against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

A strong and courageous perspective given from a survivor that was not only abused, but also had to witness her abuser being given a space where he could make excuses and down play his actions through media sources. This article gives Josie Harris the space to shed light on the realties of both the physical more »

Sexual Assault through Social Media

The issue of harassment, sexual or otherwise, in social media is becoming common place. For example, the boys being charged in Connecticut (see story below) purposefully harassed a young girl, causing her to feel violated and scared. We have to start having honest conversations with our young people if we ever hope to get them more »