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Triggers, Flashbacks, and Healing: Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse 1

        The link below will  lead you to a compilation of photos of childhood sexual assault survivors who were willing to be photographed with their ‘trigger’ and healing objects. While many triggers can’t be photographed, these pieces provide a way of understanding what it means to be triggered (the first photo) and more »

Grey Area Rape

Yep, I am saying it: Rape is bad Ok, so everyone would say rape is bad. But how do you define rape? What about that “grey area” where you don’t know if it’s rape or something else? We would all say that the stranger danger, they had a knife and I have undeniable proof that more »

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

One of the goals of Breaking Silence is to use Sexual Assault Awareness Month as an opportunity to help bring a voice to the 1 in 6 male sexual assault survivors who are often silenced more than female survivors. During a time like Sexual Assault Awareness Month, where the true realities of these crimes are more »

Anti-Rape Campaign

In the past 20 years the number of rape cases on college campuses has not decreased. The logical question to follow that statistic is why? Would a marketing campaign like the one below help our culture to finally break the silence and start talking about rape in a honest, non-victim blaming way? This ad is more »