Monthly Archives: March 2013

Sexual Assault through Social Media

The issue of harassment, sexual or otherwise, in social media is becoming common place. For example, the boys being charged in Connecticut (see story below) purposefully harassed a young girl, causing her to feel violated and scared. We have to start having honest conversations with our young people if we ever hope to get them more »

Anti-Rape Campaign

In the past 20 years the number of rape cases on college campuses has not decreased. The logical question to follow that statistic is why? Would a marketing campaign like the one below help our culture to finally break the silence and start talking about rape in a honest, non-victim blaming way? This ad is more »

Teaching Consent: Lessons for ages 1-21

Take a moment to imagine a culture where every person has been taught empathy and healthy consent starting at age 1. The article below guides parents and caretakers through the easy steps that one can take to start these conversations and bring about an unprecedented change where sexual assault does not happen to 1 in more »

Creating Empathy: Knowing the Numbers

Breaking Silence delivers an interactive exhibit to a community to create a unique perspective on interpersonal violence. By using the stories of survivors the information is presented to people in an individual and powerful way. Each participant is provided with an audio player and is invited to listen to the story of a survivor while walking through the setting more »